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Relax and find absolute bliss. Calm. Silence. None of the cares of the world . . .

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inflatable blow up doll

Inflatable blow up love dolls aren't sex dolls any more

love doll

(- they just happen to be rather good at it)

inflatable blow up sex doll blowup love dolltalking sex dollkneeling love doll

Inflatable "love dolls" or "sex dolls" are not what they used to be - they have grown up
talking sex doll
and have an important role to play in keeping marriages happy, fun and family planning

political scandal

Were famous people, for whom scandal has hit their marriages, to have an inflatable fantasy rather than a real one, wives would be happier, marriages would be in tact and political careers would not be in tatters. If Mrs Clinton had given one to her husband, President Clinton might not have been tempted by Monica Lewinsky in a distracted moment, and might have been the First Lady for longer, avoiding the Bush approach to War.

Inflatable fantasy ladies might have changed the world for the better. Husbands married in a busy working life are particularly in danger. Often pressures of work cause available time for sex not to coincide with their wives and if both partners are distracted by work, men will look elsewhere for sex. The Bert Bacharach song put it well in "Wives and Lovers" - "Wives should always be lovers too" - but sometimes life gets in the way and an inflatable lover, approved of by the wife, is a brilliant way to keep the marriage on track. Unlike Monica, an inflatable won't tell of any indiscretions. . . It's apparent that the Beckhams have been playing with blow up dolls and they're probably more likely to stay together as a result.

Blow up dolls used to be such crass disgusting objects that only the truly desperate would be expected to resort to them and deservedly they were the butt of many jokes. But although many horrors continue to be made and distributed in attractively described boxes, a breed of the current generation are wholly different, made to meticulous detail
hand of inflatable love doll
They can be capable of use beyond mere sex objects as mannequins to model clothes, by artists for installations and photographers. The art is not to buy one of the cheap ones as to a large extent you get what you pay for and the cheap blow up dolls are a bit of a let-down. "Cheap porno blow up dolls" are used by the Tate Gallery to make Key Stage 5 students look up the phrase "act of fellatio" in their dictionaries and question the meaning of human existance, exemplified immortalised in bronze as an entry to the Turner Prize. (WE SUPPLY ARTISTS WITH BLOW UP DOLLS. Click here to choose and buy) They have been used to political effect to insult President Bush as well as parodying Sarah Palin. However, the film "Lars and the Real Girl" documents how a good blow up doll can work a miracle for the socially inept class of inadequate male who formerly used blow up dolls but the latest production from Hong Kong is a really clever Chinese invention to reduce the world's unwanted population and keep marriages together. There is often a disparity of sex drive between men and women, and women who encourage their husbands to have inflatable friends will have loyal husbands who don't run after other women. Pack an inflatable in your husband's suitcase . . . and he'll be faithful when he's away or leave one in your cupboard for when you're not around . . . The old cheap sort needed to be hidden away if not on display in the Tate, but the latest inflatable ladies are quite ornamental . . . The love doll has come of age.

Were unmarried people to play with blow up dolls instead of each other, there would be fewer unwanted pregnancies, fewer unwanted children, fewer broken lives and happier people. Older men would not need to run off with younger versions of their wives and take mistresses. An unfrustrated male does not rape, molest or commit incest: the male urges are best harmlessly satisfied rather than ignored, suppressed or "controlled". Altogether there would be fewer occurances of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) and, with frustrations relieved, people would be happier.

The inflatable sex goddesses on this page are to redress the balance identified by Swedish men. Why should women have all the fun? According to a newsitem blog, "women are only interested in one thing about a man, where as men need the whole woman when it comes to fantasy". Because of the crass nature of the old fashioned love-doll, men have been inhibited in finding satisfaction and subjected to the fear of disapproval of their wives.

According to Freud, sex is as basic as feeding and fighting - but hypocracy reigns and misery exists in suppression in the incompatibility of what people want to do, and what they fear they are seen to do. Many couples don't dare talk about it for fear of what the other might think . . . but these lovely ladies will listen as much as you need them to, won't say a word, but will give you all the answers. . . Frequent is good for the heart and good for the prostate - in short, a good sex life keeps you healthy. It is also that sacred act, ruined by women who talk about the worries of the day and the cares of the world - which blowup dolls don't, in which the mind is blanked, relaxed and settled for the night's sleep or the start of a balanced day.

Men who aren't allowed that balance in their lives oggle at waitresses, go off with aupairs and otherwise seek boobs on the beach. If your husband shows any of these symptoms, then buy him a blow up lady for his birthday and his satisfaction will lead him to love you all the more.

"Mothers should understand that men are simple organisms", says the headmaster of a leading school. Women simply don't understand that the act of the male requires the fullest concentration on the singular task ahead and they simply do not know the effort that a male has to expend in his business. . . The mind of an inflatable blow up woman is entirely compatible with the male's mental requirements, allowing the man to concentrate to the depth required.


(We'd hate to call any of our ladies a sex doll . . . but men require a sex machine and no wife should be one . . . )

What's the point of buying an inflatable doll that you can't love? Many sex dolls are the foulest creations known to manufacturing but a good quality love doll will be a valued member of your household. DON'T BE FOOLED by the boxes and internet sites that show only the pictures and smutty humour of the boxes. WE SPECIALISE in selling inflatables, know all available products, only sell what we can really recommend and, if you find the same product elsewhere, can beat all discounts. Buying from elsewhere is a real gamble because love dolls are rarely as attractive as they are implied or shown on the box. We show photos of the real dolls themselves, not just their boxes.

inflatable blow up sex doll inflatable blow up sex doll inflatable blow up sex doll inflatable blow up sex doll inflatable blow up sex doll